NRA and Congress — an Unholy Alliance

Of all the things that are on the web, one of the things I could not find is a list of House and Senate Members who do NOT accept money from the NRA. How sad. The National Rifle Association has long been known as one of the heaviest hitters in Congress. With 4.3 million members, they represent a stunning 1.4% … Read More

Guns and Newtown

Yesterday I blogged on mental illness and Newtown. Today I have a few choice words on gun control. OVERDUE. You’ll notice the NRA has said nothing. What can they say? “We are sorry our clout allowed this young man to kill twenty children and six adults. We’re working actively with the manufacturer to make sure jams like the one Mr. … Read More

Mental Illness and the Newtown Killings

In the wake of the Newtown massacre of the innocents, people are frothing at the mouth about gun control. The NRA will block it, until we take away the financial clout of lobbies (see my 5 Amendments on the Home page at One American in 17 is seriously mentally ill, and few live appropriately. The numbers are staggering. Spend … Read More

What Will Hillary Do?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be resigning soon. So what will she do? First, she owes it to herself to reclaim her body. Living at 35,000 feet, crossing time zones like the rest of us cross the street, has taken a terrible toll on her body. Her body is where she lives, and at 65, she’s got to get in … Read More

Frills and Fungibility

If you’ve ever seen shanties with satellite dishes and no indoor plumbing, you know people are missing a few rungs on the ladder of civilization. Sanitation is way more important than television. Why? If you don’t keep your sewage far, far away from your water supply, you’ll get cholera and never watch television again … at least not in the … Read More

Islam 101– Internet Version

One person out of four on the planet is a Muslim. While we think that Islam is primarily represented in North Africa and the Middle East, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population on earth (with 82% of its 204,000,000 people being Muslim.) A number of countries (Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Somalia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, … Read More

The Toddlers from Hell are Back: Washington and the Fiscal Cliff

Washington  is working on the fiscal cliff with all the abstract thinking capacity of toddlers in the sandbox.  All of you said you’d play nice after the election, and ten seconds into the sandbox, you are throwing sand and biting. On January 1, our economy will take an enormous hit — as if we needed another one — because you … Read More

Why Our Revolution Worked — When Most Don’t

Our American Revolution was successful, and therefore it seems like revolutions should work. Yet most don’t. Most revolutions deal with people with a grudge taking up arms against a regime they dislike. After that strongman is gone, usually an almost okay guy takes over, then a real whack job shows up and clamps down. Why were we successful when most … Read More

American Gluttony, Heifers and My New Blouse

The Seven Deadly Sins have fallen out of favor. Indeed, “sin” is an almost antique concept.  Things that were once sins, are now lifestyle options that are fine with me: living together, having a same-sex partner. Some sins do persist, thank goodness, for I cannot see any wiggle room for things like pedophilia or animal cruelty. Make that mammalian cruelty. … Read More

When a Woman is the Wrong Man for the Job

Things are moving fast in the Middle East. Yesterday’s hero is today’s power-grabbing dictator. Our point person in foreign policy is the Secretary of State, and we make a fundamental error time and again when it comes to this job. Diplomacy is all about making the other guy comfortable, so you two can have polite discourse on difficult topics. In … Read More