Big Bird Stays …

Big Bird Stays. That’s non-negotiable.

Why? Big Bird is great; he’s an international symbol of American culture. He’s both  kind and humble; he personifies all that is best about us. Sesame Street has added something to every viewer’s life. I, for one, loved watching it when my daughter was small. The curriculum was for children, but the humor spanned generations. Sesame Street is the best propaganda we could ever have.

So, while I want to save Big Bird for altruistic reasons, I want to keep the rest of PBS for selfish reasons.  Don’t screw with MY  life, Trump! For 45 years, Masterpiece Theatre has anchored my Sunday nights. The guys might like Sunday afternoons on NFL, but I’m a PBS fan in the evening. From “The First Churchills” to “Victoria” from “Prime Suspect” to “The Forsyte Saga”(done twice, decades apart),this series is supremely civilized. I’m not overstating when I say, “This has enriched my life beyond measure.”

I’ve been a supporter, off and on. I need to do more. But that’s no excuse for our government to screw with something so patently Good. So very Decent. So un-Trumpian. Sure, cut aid to kleptocrats, but leave PBS alone. Last time I checked, the CEO’s involved with Public Broadcasting are NOT living like the maharajahs. Click here for details. How many are members at Mar-a-Lago?

To those who say it should be “privatized,” I say “phooey.” Don’t screw with something that works. I don’t want dumbed-down programming for children with snarky ads for over consumption. I was talented programming with a real curriculum, designed to meet a CHILD’S needs, not a marketer’s one.

It’s all too easy to go along with budget cuts if you shrug and say, “I’ve got mine.” The corollary to that is, “I don’t care if you don’t have yours.” In a dog-eat-dog world, that’s the rule of the land. How very nasty.

We’re better than that. How the strong treat the weak is a sign of our civilization. Things are looking pretty uncivilized right now. It’s time to take a stand.

Of course, Trumps hates public broadcasting. It’s the antithesis of who he is. Don’t make me choose between you and Big Bird, Donald. You’ll lose every time.

Big Bird Stays.