Dereliction of Duty. Unfit to Serve.

Friday morning, May 12, the WannaCry ransomware attacked the NHS in England. Our President was likely asleep because of the time difference. By Friday afternoon in London, the NHS was crippled. FedEx got hit, as did the Spanish phone system.

In any other presidency, the national security team would be huddling with the president in the Oval.

Trump was busy. He was having a twitter tantrum beginning at 7:51 a.m. What did he tweet about? Read for yourself.

Tweet Storm

If he knew of the attack on digital infrastructure, he should have abandoned tweeting and taken up working. If no one told him, as he was “busy,” that’s weird. As he was online, he could have discovered the story for himself.

He preferred to threaten Comey, attack the media, say Clapper had cleared him, and threaten to suspend press briefings.

If an employee at National Widget had a social media diarrhea most of Friday morning, he’d get canned.

Trump was not a grownup doing grownup things that morning. We have a right to demand a (seventy-year old) man (who has taken the Oath of Office) act like a grown up. Trump was a petulant child, not a president. ┬áHe wasn’t asleep at the wheel; he was clowning around.

We have a Commander-in-Chief who is derelict in his duty. He’s unfit to serve. He needs to be impeached.

If you want evidence for removing Trump … for any reason … look no further than Friday morning.