The Dog in the Washer

Do you remember the time you and your little brother put Bob the Dog in the washing machine? Mom showed up just in time to save him. You two faced the Maternal Inquisition. The first thing you did was proclaim the other was guilty. “He started it./Did not./Did too./Not./Too.” “STOP IT!” she hollered. ” I don’t CARE who started it. You are … Read More

A Lesson from JFK

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of John Kennedy’s birth. My mom would have been 101 this same weekend. I remember them together, oddly enough. It seems just yesterday he was front and center of the nation’s life. As we honor the fallen, we need to see violence in a civil society more clearly. The closer you look, the uglier … Read More

Dereliction of Duty. Unfit to Serve.

Friday morning, May 12, the WannaCry ransomware attacked the NHS in England. Our President was likely asleep because of the time difference. By Friday afternoon in London, the NHS was crippled. FedEx got hit, as did the Spanish phone system. In any other presidency, the national security team would be huddling with the president in the Oval. Trump was busy. … Read More

Texas Heaven

My previous post was about being “on the tarmac” for the arrival of the remains of Capt. Robert Russell “Bear” Barnett on April 6, 2017. Click here for the link. The following day, he was laid to rest among the heroes at the Texas State Cemetery.  That’s his casket under the flag. Across the stream and upon the hill, is … Read More

On the Tarmac

My heart skips a beat each time I see this picture. It is a personal memory. I was there. I knew the men saluting, I knew the photographer. Most importantly, I knew the man in the casket. I witnessed the end of a fifty-one year American tragedy in Austin over two perfect spring days, April 6-7, 2017. The remains of … Read More

Truth Taffy

Truth is a good thing. Hand-pulled taffy is a sweet thing. Pulling and twisting the truth until it actually turns into a sugary taffy requires a master with a machine.  Truth Taffy can be a variety of flavors and colors. Once made, the master curates the collection. Today, we’re sampling two flavors: Retail and Political. Let’s start with Retail Truth … Read More

Our World on Speed

Is it just me, or is the world accelerating? Everything seems to be going too fast.   Hurrrryyyyy upppppppp! Technology changes by the picosecond. The clunky, pricey computer is now a magic tablet that zooms through the cosmos, directed by your pointy finger. Everything tech is out of date the week before you unpacked it. It’s getting seriously cheap.  Zoom and … Read More

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

Today, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were remembered in a memorial service. Carrie’s bipolar disease and her addictions put her on a scary rollercoaster. Her mother rode along to protect her Best Beloved Baby Girl. Their Hollywood tinsel and talent caught our eye, but I regard Carrie as an EveryChild (“Messy”) with addictions and mental illness. Debbie Reynolds is every … Read More

Of Flying Pigs and Pixie Dust

When I was five, I believed I could fly. I watched “Peter Pan” and I believed. Truly. After all,  I’d saved TinkerBell any number of times with my heroic clapping. “Tink”was real … to me, anyway. I gathered pixie dust out of my pockets (AKA “pocket lint”) and sprinkled it on to my fair-haired head. I climbed atop my dad’s … Read More

Big Bird Stays …

Big Bird Stays. That’s non-negotiable. Why? Big Bird is great; he’s an international symbol of American culture. He’s both  kind and humble; he personifies all that is best about us. Sesame Street has added something to every viewer’s life. I, for one, loved watching it when my daughter was small. The curriculum was for children, but the humor spanned generations. … Read More