Is Anyone is Charge?

Everyone agrees a President should have his own administration. But Trump’s bumbled firing of the 46 US Attorneys makes us look bad. World leaders already are rattled by Trump. More missteps are intolerable. POTUS looks like incompetent administrator … at best. (At worst, he’s unethical or criminal. if Justice was investigating something potentially tied to the President, the firing is … Read More

Fried Electronic Brains

Life fries our nerves. Quirky people get quirkier; so do electronics. What was once wired, is now weird. Our whole house is driving me bonkers. Like Crazy Uncle Donnie who can’t find his marbles after dark, our home is doing weird sh*t in the middle of the night. Forget early-morning Twitter rants, we freak out at 2:32 a.m. over BEEPS, … Read More

What Would George Do?

George Washington was born 285 years ago today. He was the guy who “couldn’t tell a lie.” I wonder what he would make of our 45th President. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to succeed. IMHO, he’s losing the American people. And that is lethal to a Presidency. Want some omens? Kellyanne Conway will no longer be … Read More

Watergate in 98 Words

Some guys, minor Republican political jerks, broke into the ¬†Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex in Washington DC in 1973 … into a filing cabinet. That was all. Tame, huh? Republican President Richard Nixon was hounded out of office for lying about the break-in. (Presidents can get away with almost anything in office, but they can never lie about … Read More

Valentine Thrills

Some of the best Valentine thrills don’t come from traditional romance. Sure, sure, romance is nice, but everyday joy is available to all, no matter what the day. I was single for a big chunk of my life. Many a Valentine’s Day, I thought longingly about flowers sent to my job. I wasn’t cheesy enough to send them to myself. … Read More

Make My Day, Groundhog

It’s Groundhog’s Day and boy did I see my shadow! What? It’s getting bigger every year? Say that again and I’ll take you out. I’m getting bigger every year because I keep going on diets. Then I fall off the wagon and wallow around in the mud … chocolate mud. Then I get mad … automatic weapons mad. Inside this … Read More

Get Out the 25th Amendment

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to have a chance. I thought his campaign shenanigans would give way to a more sober form of flamboyance, one that we could live with. I was wrong. The man is delusional. He is flirting with incapacity. He has me reading the 25th Amendment. This is not funny, people, This is … Read More

Of Snits — and Silos

Everyone’s in a Snit. Some are in a Snit because Trump’s in. Others are in a Snit because of The Women’s March. Many are in the The Worst Snit: “Echo my beliefs or you don’t exist.” Echo Snitters demand agreement. It’s their way or the highway; it’s a dangerous view for anyone, from a politician to a family member. Why?¬†Civil … Read More

We’ve Elected PT Barnum POTUS?!?

It seems to me that we’ve elected P.T. Barnum as president … just when the circus is going out of business. The man who said, “There’s a sucker born very minute,” and “Every crowd has a silver lining,” has a spiritual heir. Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday. A showman pitching glitter and flash has made it to the … Read More

Our National Tantrum

I had hoped things would mellow a bit now that the Inauguration is at hand. If anything it’s worse. People are absolutely hysterical. We’re having a national tantrum. Someone opined that network television brought us together while streaming television tears us apart. We can all be fed only what we want to eat. There is no longer a three-channel mold … Read More