We’ve Elected PT Barnum POTUS?!?

It seems to me that we’ve elected P.T. Barnum as president … just when the circus is going out of business. The man who said, “There’s a sucker born very minute,” and “Every crowd has a silver lining,” has a spiritual heir. Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday. A showman pitching glitter and flash has made it to the … Read More

Our National Tantrum

I had hoped things would mellow a bit now that the Inauguration is at hand. If anything it’s worse. People are absolutely hysterical. We’re having a national tantrum. Someone opined that network television brought us together while streaming television tears us apart. We can all be fed only what we want to eat. There is no longer a three-channel mold … Read More

Racism and Relatability

In the wake of the Golden Globes, I want to see two movies — for two different reasons. I want to see “Manchester-by-the-Sea” because I can “relate” to it and I want to see “Fences” for the cast and director. “Relatability,” is a new word, a neologism. “The New Yorker” and “The Atlantic” had a spat over whether the word … Read More

Go on a News Fast … FAST!

I thought we were in a news lull, a pre-Inaugural hiatus that was long overdue. We deserved a couple of weeks where there were no nightclub bombings and all the kids were out of Aleppo. We didn’t get it. Along comes the live-streaming torture of a mentally disabled white man, 18, in Chicago. His torturers were four African-American young adults … Read More

Predictions: 2017

Good riddance to 2016. Unless you were a Cubs fan, it ranks as one of the rankest years in history. Here’s what I see for 2017 in my crystal ball. I just report what the crystal ball shows. Donald Trump will be sworn in on January 20th. He’ll deliver his speech via Twitter. During Trump’s Inauguration, the crowds on the … Read More

Peace on Earth … To Men of Good Will?

I don’t know when I first heard, “Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill.” Supposedly, it’s the translation from the Aramaic Bible. It’s a much more reasonable take on what the Angel of the Lord had to say about the birth of Baby Jesus. It makes more sense to me than, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.” After all, the … Read More

The Desiderata

The Desiderata is described as a prose poem, whatever that is. American Max Ehrman,wrote it in 1927. It didn’t come to wide popularity until much later. It’s name is Latin for “things that are desired.” Since it was found in an old Baltimore church, it was erroneously attributed to some long ago scribe. Oh, well, good words are hard to … Read More

Welcome, President-Elect Trump

Dear Mr. President-Elect: Here are a few things I think you need to know before January 20, 2017. Congratulations on your victory, and what a nail-biter it must have been for you. I could go to sleep and learn in the morning. You couldn’t. Many of the votes you received were anti-Hillary votes (and vice versa). You do not have … Read More

Why Vote?

Tomorrow is Election Day 2016. It seemed as if we would NEVER get here — it feels like the country’s been enduring Chinese Water Torture. The randomly spaced drips of political outrageousness make us crazy. In another blog, I’ll post what we can do to limit the citizen’s torture season. But tomorrow, I want you, the American voter, to cast … Read More

The Man in the Flag Tie

  Two things always bring a tear to my eye. One is witnessing the birth of a new baby, and the other is voting. From my earliest childhood, I remember my Dad taking me to vote, explaining everything, then asking me to step outside. “Voting is private, Dixie. It’s no one’s business who you vote for,” he’d say, and I’d … Read More