Stabilize the debt, my A**

Stabilize the debt my A

So now the new thing is to realize the US will never get out of debt and we should just “stabilize it.”  Stablize it my a**.  Okay, for all you eggheads out there who know about high finance, let me share a little trivia with you. When a person dies, his or her assets and debts are toted up and … Read More

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me

This morning, an African-American Congressman, Bobby Rush, (D-Illinois) was addressing a basically empty House Chamber at a time when members get to put things “officially” into the Congressional Record.  Presiding was Rep. Greg Harper, (R-Mississippi).  During Rep. Rush’s remarks, he removed his suit coat to reveal a hoodie underneath.  He pulled up the hood and added sunglasses . “Hoodies don’t … Read More

Cost of former VP Cheney’s Care

I’m not going to tell you whether I voted for former Vice President Dick Cheney. I am going to let you know a little bit about the cost of his care.  Care that you paid for, either through insurance premiums or taxes for those fees picked up by Medicare.  He probably shelled out a pretty penny for things like his … Read More

The Lost Child

When I was in a Sunday school as a pre-schooler, I learned a song called “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  One of the lyrics was , “Red and yellow, black or white, they are precious in His sight.”  I got to thinking at the time that if babies of all colors were precious, then it followed that children and grown-ups … Read More

Want v. Need

Marketing has become a driving force in our economy. Wants trump needs. Now beats later. People are camping out for days to buy the new Apple iPad, even if they already have a perfectly good one of the magic machines. I congratulate the marketers for doing their job well, but the underlying premise is disturbing for our country. We have … Read More

Rainy Day Cave Woman

It’s a rainy, even stormy, day and I an going about my business a usual.  The only thing I am not able to do today is sunbathe, which I don’t do anyway. I just forge ahead and hope the car is high enough to make it through the standing water. What did cave women do on rainy days?  They probably … Read More

No Contraceptives? No Sex. No Viagra

Somehow we are back fifty years ago arguing about contraception.  My blog post “Get Out the Exam Room” apparently did not make it to the Arizona legislature.  They want a medical reason for a woman’s using birth control pills, and they didn’t even include the entire list of problems for which contraceptives are useful.  Not only are they out of … Read More

Afghan Women in Peril

Once we are out of Afghanistan, can you imagine what the Taliban will do to women who literally showed their faces?  Women who hoped for freedom will stay enslaved. There is going to be a marked escalation of violence against women as soon as we are gone.  As if there isn’t enough now! Look at the woman in the picture. … Read More

“News-iness” vs. news

If Stephen Colbert can talk about “truth-iness,” I want to write a squib about “news-iness.” The more your message looks like news, the more likely people are to believe it.  Such is the power of television. Set yourself up in a news studio set, dress in a suit and tie, get professional lighting, add a chiron (text at the bottom … Read More

A Massacre in Afghanistan

A Massacre in Afghanistan

Who in his right mind gives a man with a traumatic brain injury a gun and tells him to go back to work using it? Brains don’t take lightly the injuries they suffer from concussive force.  I’d love to see the neuropsychiatric testing that found him “fit for duty” –only to have him leave his base in the middle of … Read More