A Massacre in Afghanistan

A Massacre in Afghanistan

Who in his right mind gives a man with a traumatic brain injury a gun and tells him to go back to work using it? Brains don’t take lightly the injuries they suffer from concussive force.  I’d love to see the neuropsychiatric testing that found him “fit for duty” –only to have him leave his base in the middle of … Read More

Presidential Candidate or Media Creation?

When Ronald Reagan was elected, he had years of media experience under his belt.  No wonder he beat the sitting President Carter who never mastered Presidential gravitas in office. Twenty years earlier, Kennedy trounced Nixon in the television debates because he was incredibly telegenic and the sweaty Nixon had a five o’clock shadow.  Since then, media skills have become as … Read More

A Room of My Own

Writing is verbal ditch-digging and requires solitude. The doorbell, phone, a barking dog all can vaporize the evanescent thought into oblivion, never at my age to come again. I created a “room of my own” from an interior closet that had deteriorated to wall to wall clutter. It was the place I threw stuff when I wanted it out of … Read More

Bye-bye Rush…

I don’t like it when powerful people go picking on people, like Rush Limbaugh’s slurs about Susan Flluke.  The remarks were deeply offensive to me as a human, an American and a female. His apologies strike me as lame.  Sure, it might have gotten a laugh in the men’s locker room in years past. But on the air? In today’s … Read More

Out of the Exam Room. Now.

I am not the Pope, so I generally try not to issue Papal encyclicals or bulls. Nor do I wrap my correspondence in red tape and seal iwith my papal ring pressed into hot red wax –thus the origin of the phrase “red tape.” I am not an insurance company, so I can’t tell you what is and is not … Read More

Statin costs … and lobbyists

Pills and Money

If you an adult of a certain age, with a cholesterol of a given level, there is a good chance you are on a statin drug.  They are a cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies — and they’ve saved many a life.   I’m grateful they exist. I subscribe to Medscape, an internet newletter on all things medical. It pops … Read More

Leap Day: A Day of Political Silence, Please?

Tomorrow is Leap Day.  It occurs once every four years and always in an election year.  It gives the political candidates one more day to bloviate, yammer, slam, dig, slur, chinwag, bite sound, gum flap, orate, patter, chatter and otherwise run on at the mouth. I propose, in the interest of “domestic tranquility” that they all just be quiet. For just … Read More

Take one for the team

The other night, Rick Santorum defended his vote on the Bridge to Nowhere with a quip that “Politics is a team sport. Sometimes you have to take one for the team.” Right idea, Rick. Wrong team. Your teams is known as YOUR CONSTITUENTS.  They may or may not have voted for you, but you answer to them. They are your … Read More

No politics, please, we’re eating…

I went to a small dinner last night with five bright people.  At social functions, there are four topic that are no-no’s: sex, religion, politics and money.  That leaves chit chat, which is fine, but for a nation with ENORMOUS problems, it seemed a wasted opportunity.  Here were six well-educated people self-censoring away from any problem that MIGHT have a … Read More

A Baby Is A Dream Come True

When I practiced medicine, I came smack up against poverty all the time. Whenever we had a child die in a house fire, the real cause wasn’t a faulty space heater, it was poverty: the people were too poor to heat their whole house safely. I remember helping one little girl undress for a physical exam, and her underwear was … Read More