No politics, please, we’re eating…

I went to a small dinner last night with five bright people.  At social functions, there are four topic that are no-no’s: sex, religion, politics and money.  That leaves chit chat, which is fine, but for a nation with ENORMOUS problems, it seemed a wasted opportunity.  Here were six well-educated people self-censoring away from any problem that MIGHT have a … Read More

A Baby Is A Dream Come True

When I practiced medicine, I came smack up against poverty all the time. Whenever we had a child die in a house fire, the real cause wasn’t a faulty space heater, it was poverty: the people were too poor to heat their whole house safely. I remember helping one little girl undress for a physical exam, and her underwear was … Read More

How much did that burger cost?

Okay, you probably have a credit card.  You’re hoping to get air miles for a vacation. Let’s say you charge lunch every workday, at say $5 a day, very modest. Twenty days a month is $100.  $1200 a year.  You do this for three years.  Your burgers have cost you $3600– if you pay cash. If you charge them to … Read More

I’ve got mine… or do I?

This is an attitude that’ll sink this ship of state faster than a tsunami capsizes a bathtub rubber ducky.  “I’ve got mine…” is the mentality of so many people, whether they are  well-to-do individuals who couldn’t care less about their less fortunate neighbors, or legislators who are hopelessly out of touch with the people who can’t get health care, or … Read More

The Line Item Veto

The Line Item Veto must be a Constitutional Amendment as Congressional  attempts have been shot down by the courts. If it is in the Constitution, it’s Constitutional. This would eliminate at least the other party’s pork and that’s a step in the right direction. As is stands now, the courts can throw out a part of a law, but the … Read More

The Knee-Jerk “No”

If there’s anything that ticks me off, it’s the idea of the knee-jerk “no.” You tell someone a plane flew into the World trade Center, they say, “No.” Only when the second hits, doe we pay attention. You tell people we can change this country, they say “No, the powers that be would stop it.” Not so swift there, Ms. … Read More

The Balanced Budget

The budget of the United States shall not exceed the previous year for which fiscal revenues are known. In the event of a national catastrophe, this can be override with a two thirds vote of each house and the President’s signature. This should be phased in over 6 to ten years to reduce economic whiplash. Included in this is a … Read More

Constitutionally Mandated Campaign Reform

The way things stand now, the candidate who has the most money to spend usually wins the election. That pretty much guarantees government by the fat cats, for the fat cats and of the fat cats. In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Court said that money was speech and therefore businesses could “talk” during campaigns. If you think … Read More

Abolition Of Electoral Voting

While we are doing governance housekeeping, let’s get rid of one of the least useful things in the Constitution: voting by electors. It is as antique as a powdered wig. And when it was enacted, only white male property owners could vote, so please do not quote to me the eternal wisdom of the Founding Fathers. As smart as they … Read More

Single Six Year Term For The President And VP

Our country has enormous problems and the President and Vice President need to be on the job full-time, not running for el-election beginning on day two. Fact is, no one in the highest levels of the federal government is looking twenty and thirty years down the road. This is a serious problem.