Faded Flag

The other day, I stopped at a traffic light. I saw an enormous American flag — barely flying– and at half staff. It was faded and worn a bit. Then it hit me. It’s the perfect metaphor for our nation right now.

We can’t generate enough economic wind to fly proudly and we are such a mess, we are flying at half mast. The Democrats and the Republicans are the red and white stripes, determined never again to compromise on anything. As Tom Friedman said in the NY Times, they are the Sunnis and Shias. What’s really wrong in this country is governmental gridlock. The strong don’t compromise; the weak can’t afford to.  Government increasingly gets in our way, creating more problems than it solves.

We, the people, are huddled in one corner. No one hears those of us who are fiscally conservative and politically liberal. No one hears the white people who believe Black Lives Matter and the people of color who believe that Blue Lives Matter.

We have a responsibility to retire with honor the faded flag and replace it with one that we can fly proudly. Our economy should generate a stiff breeze. We need to stop the mass shootings and deaths on foreign battlefields, so it flies at full staff most of the time.

Immigration is not this country’s number one problem. It isn’t even in the top five. We are

  • killing the planet,
  • killing our own citizens of color,
  • killing the economy
  • killing ourselves with addictions and an increasingly chaotic healthcare system
  • and being killed by nut jobs, both foreign and domestic.

I can’t take it anymore. Politics is too weird. It’s like a bad reality show without a producer. People just do whatever the hell they please and the cameras follow. There is no adult in the room to say, “You can’t do that.”

Donald Trump has political rabies; he’s all but foaming at the mouth. I’d call him “Old Yeller,” but then someone would accuse me inciting violence.  I’m not. I’m pro-gun, just anti-ammo.

Hillary (“Lady Macbeth”) Clinton bothers me with her schizoid Do Gooder/Entitled Bitch personality.

The third party candidates are morons.

I was so annoyed, this morning I actually read the crap about Kim Kardashian! Then I realized that the Kim Kardashians (and the people who spend time on her ilk) are the problem! Trashy people flash the bling, and the public follows like mesmerized children. There are only 24 hours in the day, and every moment we spend on trash is a moment not spent on substance.

We, the people, have abdicated our roles as citizens, adults, and moral arbiters. Indeed, we are pronounced judgmental if we dare speak out against things that are immoral. “Don’t judge” is the comeback to “What the hell were you thinking?”

If we get the kind of government we deserve, we’ve been very bad citizens indeed.