What Would George Do?

George Washington was born 285 years ago today. He was the guy who “couldn’t tell a lie.” I wonder what he would make of our 45th President.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to succeed. IMHO, he’s losing the American people. And that is lethal to a Presidency.

Want some omens?

  • Kellyanne Conway will no longer be doing live television appearances for the White House. Click here. Moan and groan about CNN, but I doubt you’ll see her much before she “resigns to spend more time with her family.” Sidelining your best salesman — for driving away business — is a bad sign.
  • The conservative Republican, Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was on … gasp … Stephen Colbert’s show. Click here to watch. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Pres. George HW Bush threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister at dinner. Bush was sick. This got “yuge” ratings. When Pres. Trump called Prime Minister Abe, “Prime Minister Shinzo,” few people noticed the gaffe. Why? In a flood of horrible news, it was another water molecule. Who listens to a protocol officer anyway? First name last, last name first.” Tomato, Tomahto.” Yeah well, not really. Not in diplomacy. It’s etiquette on steroids.
  • My favorite Small-town Newspaper in a Very Red State is burying Trump stories on page 5. Perhaps they don’t want to scare people.
  • Sen. John McCain was spooky-quiet about Flynn and the Russians; McCain’s never quiet. Remember when you kids put the cat in the dryer? Mom, who hollered at you guys a lot, got very quiet. You feared for your lives. Silence can be really bad. The Russia/Flynn thing’s in research mode; it’ll be back and it’ll be bad. Watergate, watch out. Paul Ryan is also saying nothing. When he does, it will be withering.
  • Many of Pres. Trump’s true believers are quiet. Some, like the guys behind Trump at the Melbourne FL rally, aren’t even paying attention. They were joking and making “V” signs. Hey, at least those “V’s” took two fingers, not just one. (I watch this stuff so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.)
  • I’ve checked dozens of facts while writing this blog. How many facts did Pres. Trump check before his press conference?
  • At Town Hall meetings, once politically-comatose-folks are screaming at their US Reps. To a Republican, that sounds like an impending lay-off in 2018. That’s next year, people.
  • This blog will be out of date before you read it. Such is the pace of “news” coming from the “finely-tuned machine.”
  • Drum roll please … the last ,and worst, sign? “What did the President know and when did he know it?” Sen. Howard Baker (R. Tennessee) asked that on the Watergate Committee. That was  THE line from the Watergate Committee, the political equivalent of, “Go ahead. Make my day.” Howard Baker. Republican. Tennessee. Short guy. Glasses. Republican Senator and Republican President. Anyone getting this?

If you don’t remember Watergate, click here. 98 word recap by me.

Nixon lied. He tried to cover-up a piddling crime and he lost our confidence. That’s all.

Nixon didn’t understand that Presidents lead only if the American people stand behind him. The Constitution, after all, starts with “We, the people.” When there was no one behind Nixon, he was done. Toast. History. Watergate was the biggest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. A thoroughly decent Vice-President, Gerald Ford, kept us calm as we slowly endured the fallout.

A leadership vacuum is always bad and we have one. Floundering Presidents scare the hell out of  allies and embolden enemies. While Nixon dithered, OPEC jacked with oil supplies (over Israel), sending the world into lines for gas. We had rampant inflation.

Anyone want a 14% mortgage?Been there, done that, damned near went broke. The whole mess screwed up YEARS. For the safety and security of our nation, we need to move on. NOW.

C’mon, people. Wake up. We need to right this ship of state. Yes, Constitutional crises suck, but when when you find yourself in Hell, march quickly toward the exits.

Patriots of both parties can stand behind Vice-President Mike Pence.

Can you?

What do you think George Washington would do?