Get Out the 25th Amendment

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to have a chance. I thought his campaign shenanigans would give way to a more sober form of flamboyance, one that we could live with.

I was wrong. The man is delusional. He is flirting with incapacity. He has me reading the 25th Amendment. This is not funny, people, This is world-class serious. If the President can’t be rational about matters of fact, how can he deal with complex and subtle problems?

The President is insisting there was voter fraud that deprived him of a popular vote victory. There wasn’t. He has a hunch it happened. Well, I have a hunch I’m thin.

He is either lying to stir the pot or he believes millions of ballots FOR HIM weren’t counted. That is delusional in the face of bipartisan statements from the people who know: secretaries of state. Looking into this will be a waste of resources. The election is decided. What if he actually LOST the election? Would he resign? No. So skip it. Shut up and do real work.

What’s next? Reopening the investigation into the Kennedy assassination because Donald has a hunch?

Obama had more people attend his Inaugural. So what? Who cares? Trump is making a big deal of his record crowds. Chest-thumping? No. Lying. Sean Spicer today said, “the constant negativity is demoralizing.”

For crying out loud, the guy’s been in office FIVE days? You want to read about demoralizing, read about Valley Forge.

The flap about the crowds is delusional. The flap about the voter “fraud” is delusional. His response to the flap about Russian hacking was delusional. The President, the intelligence chiefs all agreed it happen. Trump didn’t even read the briefings; he just ran his mouth. After he read the information, he realized the issues had credence.

Fire. Aim. Ready.

According to Spicer, we will build the wall along the Mexican border — and “yes, Mexico will pay for it.” That’s delusional. This is extremely offensive to Mexico. I’d hate to have to look at the damned thing. And something of that size will certainly have an environmental impact which Trump will ignore.

It’s time for a neuropsychiatric exam of the President. We cannot have an delusional … and therefore incompetent … President.

Neuropsychiatric exams are fairly straightforward. They are a battery of tests aimed at identifying things like intelligence, memory (short-term and long-term), judgment, orientation to place, person and time, problem solving and the like. The MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) identifies serious personality flaws. The tests require nothing but few hours and a pencil.

The testing shows whether the person has deficits in thinking, executive functioning (planning and carrying out complex tasks), memory and such. In a man of seventy who is giving voice to delusions, we must question his competence. Is he in the beginnings of dementia? Or is he just nuts?

In a world with nuclear weapons, the Emperor must be fully clothed in reason, intellect and judgment. So far, he’s looking naked.