Hillary or Trump? Who is Healthier?

Anyone in the Medicare crowd likely has a medical issue or two, even people running for the Oval Office.

Donald Trump’s hippie-haired doctor released a superlative-laced letter. BFD. I wouldn’t let Dr. Hairball near me, but then again, I’m not Donald Trump. I don’t know what Donald is going to release for lab results tomorrow, but like most of adults his age, he’s on a statin for his cholesterol. Big deal. Yes, he needs to lose some lard, but all in all I think his health will not prove problematic. His physical health, I mean.

His mental health? That’s a whole different matter. Most agree he has narcissistic personality disorder. Jimmy Fallon nailed it when he (as Trump) came out to applause. “Thank me, thank me.” ¬†A personality disorder isn’t amenable to treatment. Neither medications or other therapies help much. It is what it is.

Hillary has troubling medical problems. She’s overweight; she probably qualifies as obese. I’m not throwing stones, I’m right up there with her. Stress diverts the calories we eat into belly fat. If we have to flee or fight, they’re there for quick energy. The Presidency is planetary-class stressful. POTUS has a personal gym and a chef. Using the help is the trick.

Hillary’s had deep vein thromboses, a serious matter. The propensity to clot makes her not only vulnerable to embolism to her lungs or brain, it makes her need a medicine called coumadin. This blood thinner puts her at a different risk — the risk of bleeding. She should not juggle knives, then again, no one should. On balance, coumadin is preferable to clots. I’d like to know the exact kind of clotting disorder she has.

Her recent pneumonia flap could have been handled better from a PR status: announce the day of diagnosis that she had “walking” pneumonia and was on meds. Let her go to the 9/11 memorial service — with an ready-made excuse for the weak and dizzies.

Patients do stupid stuff. They nod their head “yes” to the command, “Get some rest.” Then they go out and do as they please. “Rest” means napping, drinking lots of fluid and streaming movies.

Roosevelt had a personal physician could not diagnose Congestive Heart Failure, much less treat it. FDR stroked out. The worst part? Anyone who looked at his picture (except FDR and the Dr. Idiot ) knew he was gravely ill. It was just a taboo subject.

Eisenhower’s heart attack was bad, Kennedy’s health was horrible, Johnson’s wasn’t great. Gerald Ford, the most athletic of all presidents, was known for falling down the stairs of Air Force One.

Reagan was tough. He not only survived a gunshot wound to the chest (with massive blood loss) at 70, he also had serious head bleed when he was thrown from his horse in California at age 78. Neither event was good for his brain. ¬†Alzheimer’s ultimately claimed him. Bush 41 barfed on the Japanese; Clinton’s lucky he didn’t get an STD; Bush 43 nearly choked to death on a pretzel. Obama? Who knows if he still sneaks cigarettes outside? If so, he stands a 1 in 3 chance of dying from a smoking related illness.

So. Medical Problems or Mental Problems?

Or Both?