Truth Taffy

Truth is a good thing. Hand-pulled taffy is a sweet thing. Pulling and twisting the truth until it actually turns into a sugary taffy requires a master with a machine.  Truth Taffy can be a variety of flavors and colors. Once made, the master curates the collection. Today, we’re sampling two flavors: Retail and Political.

Let’s start with Retail Truth Taffy.

We used to buy products for their utility or intrinsic value. Sterling silver knives and forks, were both useful and valuable. Ergo, they were good things.

Next, we we bought ideas.

Estee Lauder sold the idea of  hope … in a jar of goop. Pictures of beautiful women led lovely women bought to buy the goop and feel beautiful, even if they were ugly enough to stop traffic.

Now? We’ve evolved. We actually PAY to get marketed to.

We buy a magazine, like InStyle, and read an “article” about Jennifer Lawrence and Dior. Click here. It natters on about how JLaw is the Rich Waif Feminist Muse for Dior. We buy and wear a Dior tee-shirt. We feel like a RWF Muse Superstar and proudly puff out our chests, becoming boob-to-boob, walking billboards for Dior.

How empowered we feel in our manipulation.

Look at Political Truth Taffy. Trump’s a master.

There are two sticky questions in D.C. right now. To avoid answering them, Trump mixes them together on his taffy machine and, voila, people get confused.

One question’s very logical,”Did the Trump campaign deal with Russia to help them win the White House?”

The illogical one is, “Can you prove Obama did NOT wiretap Trump?”

Mush them together and you’ve made Political Truth Taffy, a gooey, distracting mess.

First, Trump knows you can’t prove a negative. No one can prove Obama did NOT tap Trump. So, the FBI, CIA etc said, logically, “We have no evidence to support that.”  To a logical person,that means it didn’t happen.

Trump, being the master of the absurd, rejected that idea with, “I’m just quoting a smart guy on Fox.”

So FoxNews issued a denial. Full stop.

Hold hands and follow along, kids. Uncle Donnie’s on a slope that’s slippery and narrow.

Trump then asserted “wiretapping” is any electronic collection … of any information … by anyone … that named anyone in the Trump camp … at any time … for any reason.

He was “right about Sweden.” Why? Because riots happened after he said they did. Therefore, he’s right about wiretapping. Huh?  There’s something wrong with that, but…

Never mind that Trump has ticked off every country in the world except Russia. He’ll get Russia twisted up in wiretapping. Watch.

Enter Devin Nunes, who has serious credibility issues.

First, WTF is his name? Is he Noon-Yez? Noo-Nez? Is he even Hispanic? Anyway, he’s the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, an oxymoron in itself to some people. His committee’s supposed to be investigating the Russian question.

So what did Nunez do that taints everything? He was seen in front of the White House when he belonged on the Hill.

Nunes went to the White House … for some reason … and talked to someone who said or showed him something … maybe about the wiretapping … late at night … then  Nunez went to the President …  in the daytime.

“I’m so sorry to disturb, sir, but you need to know this.”

He then told reporters … in front of the White House … that he’d told POTUS this  …without ever defining what this actually is.

No wonder THEY (Trump’s favorite source) are saying there‘s no there, there. Read all about this here in the Failing-New- York-Times.

Whatever this or that is or was, former NSC director, Gen. Mike Flynn is offering to testify — only if he can get immunity. Is this immunity about Russia or is it about wiretapping?

Just standing in the wrong place and saying not much is now a political sin. This is wackier than Bill Clinton riffing on the meaning of  is.

That, people, is Political Truth Taffy.