Too Many Choices …

I used to think that 12 choices of milk in the dairy case were too many. HAH! That was nothing! Try shopping for LUGGAGE. Even if you know what you want (and I thought I did), the choices are dizzying. Never mind that I started at a department store and tried out a set I liked. Forget that I had a … Read More

Fried Electronic Brains

Life fries our nerves. Quirky people get quirkier; so do electronics. What was once wired, is now weird. Our whole house is driving me bonkers. Like Crazy Uncle Donnie who can’t find his marbles after dark, our home is doing weird sh*t in the middle of the night. Forget early-morning Twitter rants, we freak out at 2:32 a.m. over BEEPS, … Read More

I Live Online; Where do You Live?

I live online. Where do you live? I need a pen and paper to jot down a few things, but I am as paperless as possible. I get my news online, from a variety of sources. CNN even has Distractions: Not News, a silly something to brighten your day — not unlike the comics in the newspaper. I can zip … Read More