Valentine Thrills

Some of the best Valentine thrills don’t come from traditional romance. Sure, sure, romance is nice, but everyday joy is available to all, no matter what the day. I was single for a big chunk of my life. Many a Valentine’s Day, I thought longingly about flowers sent to my job. I wasn’t cheesy enough to send them to myself. … Read More

My Fortune For a Single Cup of Coffee

I came late to the coffee party. In college, I went for coffee one evening with a guy I didn’t know well. I came home and sat, crosslegged, atop my dresser. My roommate freaked when she came in. “What are you doing?” she shreiked. “I’m wondering what it’s like to be a ceiling,” I said, looking up into space. I … Read More

True, All True

My wonderful husband greets me in the morning with a cup of coffee. Saturday morning, he greeted me with, “Dixie, wha…the hell?!?!?!” It all started with a phone call. Deke picked up. I had a delivery, would someone open the gate? He’d be right out. The ringing phone awakened me a second time. We were expecting to hear from his … Read More

Other Irritants/Other Loves

Pet peeves are a quirk in the young. Once your hair goes gray (excuse me, SILVER), they are perceived as evidence of the grumpiness of the elderly. Screw it. Here are some things I could do without. Packages that require a chainsaw to open. You’d think there was gold instead of a toothbrush the way things are packaged. I have … Read More

Caffeine: The Elixir of Peace

It is unclear whether I am alive before my morning coffee. I suppose I could check my pulse, but it is too much effort. All I can manage is to hoist the mug of joe that my loving husband puts in my cold, dead hands. If he is away, I put the machine next to my bed, ready to go. … Read More