Dereliction of Duty. Unfit to Serve.

Friday morning, May 12, the WannaCry ransomware attacked the NHS in England. Our President was likely asleep because of the time difference. By Friday afternoon in London, the NHS was crippled. FedEx got hit, as did the Spanish phone system. In any other presidency, the national security team would be huddling with the president in the Oval. Trump was busy. … Read More

Congress: Public Enemy #1

Congress has been behaving like a bunch of toddlers: throwing sand, throwing talking tantrums, and shutting down the government because they will not put the interests of the nation ahead of their own petty political fetishes. Ted Cruz says Americans are overwhelmingly against Obamacare. That issue has been settled, Ted, so shut your mouth. We have serious problems in this … Read More

The Giants Labored and Brought Forth A …

Bastardized baby gnat. They wanted a giant, but they’re such morons, all they could manage was a gnat. The USA is in deep financial doo doo and had a deadline to fix one of the steaming piles of it. Washington, being the Toddlers from Hell are legends in their own mind. They think they are Giants. They are Gnats. What … Read More

The Toddlers from Hell are Back: Washington and the Fiscal Cliff

Washington  is working on the fiscal cliff with all the abstract thinking capacity of toddlers in the sandbox.  All of you said you’d play nice after the election, and ten seconds into the sandbox, you are throwing sand and biting. On January 1, our economy will take an enormous hit — as if we needed another one — because you … Read More