Make My Day, Groundhog

It’s Groundhog’s Day and boy did I see my shadow! What? It’s getting bigger every year? Say that again and I’ll take you out. I’m getting bigger every year because I keep going on diets. Then I fall off the wagon and wallow around in the mud … chocolate mud. Then I get mad … automatic weapons mad. Inside this … Read More

The Every Other Day Diet

Last week, I lamented my resemblance to the Michelin Man. Then NBC Nightly News did a piece on the Every Other Day Diet. Its premise is simple. “Fast” one day, then eat as you please the next. No taboo foods. One woman lost 100 pounds in a year … with physician supervision. Could I do that?  I can only stay … Read More

The Michelin Man and Me

Forget identifying with Kate Winslet or even Princess Kate. I look more like the Michelin Man. Fat happens. Especially when it takes minutes to scroll down to your birth year on a computer form. Ten years ago, I had my basal metabolic rate tested. I needed approximately three leaves of lettuce to keep my body going. Now? I’m probably down … Read More

My “Inner Child” is Having a Tantrum

I need to lose weight. Do I act like a rational adult and do it? No. My “inner child” is throwing a full-on tantrum. I’d roll on the floor and scream, but the floors aren’t carpeted, and some of me isn’t well-enough padded, like my scalp, elbows and ears. After spending a week or two deciding HOW to lose weight … Read More