Truth Taffy

Truth is a good thing. Hand-pulled taffy is a sweet thing. Pulling and twisting the truth until it actually turns into a sugary taffy requires a master with a machine.  Truth Taffy can be a variety of flavors and colors. Once made, the master curates the collection. Today, we’re sampling two flavors: Retail and Political. Let’s start with Retail Truth … Read More

Welcome, President-Elect Trump

Dear Mr. President-Elect: Here are a few things I think you need to know before January 20, 2017. Congratulations on your victory, and what a nail-biter it must have been for you. I could go to sleep and learn in the morning. You couldn’t. Many of the votes you received were anti-Hillary votes (and vice versa). You do not have … Read More

Faded Flag

The other day, I stopped at a traffic light. I saw an enormous American flag — barely flying– and at half staff. It was faded and worn a bit. Then it hit me. It’s the perfect metaphor for our nation right now. We can’t generate enough economic wind to fly proudly and we are such a mess, we are flying at … Read More

Donald Trump, Henry II, & CodeSpeak

When Henry II was king of England in the 12th Century, he was always at odds with someone. His wife, Eleanor of Acquitaine, was often on his case, as were his three sons. But Henry thought his loyal friend,  Thomas Becket, would remain loyal when Becket became the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Becket took his religious duties seriously. His first loyalty … Read More

Bill Clinton version 2.0

Former President Bill Clinton stuck to the subject he was given last night at the DNC: he gave a personal insight into Hillary and why she’d make a good President.  He didn’t natter on about himself. He also didn’t remark on the elephant in the room: sex and money.  He mentioned neither. For those of us who remember the Bill … Read More

DNC: Night One from My Recliner

I watched night one of the DNC so you didn’t have to. Yes, I did it from my recliner, thereby increasing my tolerance for blather.  The show was long,  but, for a live production involving singing, speechifying, and a little stand-up comedy, it had remarkably few glitches. Whoever produced it did a good job. Thanks for leaving out an LGBT … Read More

Mr. Trump, Meet Mr. Santayana

The philosopher George Santayana did NOT say, “History repeats itself.” He said, “Those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it.” Big difference. Of course, if I told Donald Trump this, he’d reply, “Santayana? Sounds like some Mexican I need to deport.” Learn some history, Donald.  Do you not remember the rise of Hitler? The Treaty of Versailles … Read More

CNN and the Resting Bitch Face

CNN’s Bitchin’ and Moanin’ about the Resting Bitch Face: the non-smiling woman.  Click here to read it. When I began doing television, I was taught the value of a “Positive Neutral Face.” Every newscaster, male or female, has one. My resting face is not a pleasant one: my mouth naturally turns down. When  I concentrate, I furrow my brows. In short, … Read More

Oh Shut Up, Donald!

Donald Trump wants to be president. We are insane if we elect him. Forget calling him “the Donald,” I think of him by his middle initial. J for Jerk. Memo to J: Being POTUS requires judgement, nuance, and restraint. You have none. Without restraint, wars have a way of popping up.  Sure, you’ve got a mouth on you, but for … Read More