The 800-Pound Gorilla in the Lifeboat: Part One

Sometimes, I feel like we’re all on the Titanic when it comes to US healthcare.¬†We’ve hit the iceberg, and we’re in the lifeboats. It’s cold and it’s dark out here in the North Atlantic. Help will come. Oops. Wait. Why is the lifeboat sinking? There’s an 800-Pound Gorilla in the boat?!? Who the hell let him in here? Our boat … Read More

Too Much Sugar for a Dime

There’s an old country saying that something too good to be true is “too much sugar for a dime.” Get suspicious, because when someone is “helping” you too much, or “giving” you too much, you are likely to get fleeced in the process. My first job in health care was in Boston and I was a low-level administrative type. I … Read More