What Would George Do?

George Washington was born 285 years ago today. He was the guy who “couldn’t tell a lie.” I wonder what he would make of our 45th President. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to succeed. IMHO, he’s losing the American people. And that is lethal to a Presidency. Want some omens? Kellyanne Conway will no longer be … Read More

Political Theatre Comes Full Circle

In 1980, Ronald Reagan, an actor in B movies and former governor of California,  became President. I thought at the time, “He’s playing a pretty good President.” The hostages were freed on Day One. He had the patter. He had the bluster. He delivered his lines well. Never mind that he was a conservative who preached less government and lower taxes, … Read More

Oh Shut Up, Donald!

Donald Trump wants to be president. We are insane if we elect him. Forget calling him “the Donald,” I think of him by his middle initial. J for Jerk. Memo to J: Being POTUS requires judgement, nuance, and restraint. You have none. Without restraint, wars have a way of popping up.  Sure, you’ve got a mouth on you, but for … Read More