The 800-Pound Gorilla in the Lifeboat: Part One

Sometimes, I feel like we’re all on the Titanic when it comes to US healthcare. We’ve hit the iceberg, and we’re in the lifeboats. It’s cold and it’s dark out here in the North Atlantic. Help will come. Oops. Wait. Why is the lifeboat sinking? There’s an 800-Pound Gorilla in the boat?!? Who the hell let him in here? Our boat … Read More

Corruption in Kenya= Governmental Relations in USA

Barack Obama called Kenya out for corruption. In Third World countries, people pay all up the line. Here, we centralize it into two areas: Campaign Finance and Governmental Relations and they’re BIG. Click here to learn about They keep tabs on who is giving to whom. When you attend a swanky party for a candidate and drop your check  into … Read More

Medicare Part E

This would be part of my solution to what we’ll do if and when Obamacare fails. Financially, it looks as if the numbers will not work as Obamacare gets implemented. Most people want to be able to go to the doctor of their choice and get treatment when they want it. They also don’t want an even bigger bureaucracy between … Read More

How about “Do the Right Thing?”

Medicare is penalizing hospitals whose patients are readmitted within thirty days. Like Mary’s little lamb, wherever Medicare goes, insurance is sure to follow. Just after Medicare was enacted in the sixties, doctors and hospitals abused it by admitting people for routine eye exams — for three days. Clearly this was wrong. Whole bureaucracies appeared to make sure patients left … Read More

Romney & Obama’s Dog and Pony Show

Obama and Romney had their first debate tonight and it was, um, a mess. Jim Lehrer couldn’t keep them marching forward, as each wanted to blather on about things. Romney was the worst to corral, but he was probably the most anxious. The format lent itself to talking about everything all at once and as a result, it looks like … Read More