The 800-Pound Gorilla in the Lifeboat: Part One

Sometimes, I feel like we’re all on the Titanic when it comes to US healthcare. We’ve hit the iceberg, and we’re in the lifeboats. It’s cold and it’s dark out here in the North Atlantic. Help will come. Oops. Wait. Why is the lifeboat sinking? There’s an 800-Pound Gorilla in the boat?!? Who the hell let him in here? Our boat … Read More

NRA and Congress — an Unholy Alliance

Of all the things that are on the web, one of the things I could not find is a list of House and Senate Members who do NOT accept money from the NRA. How sad. The National Rifle Association has long been known as one of the heaviest hitters in Congress. With 4.3 million members, they represent a stunning 1.4% … Read More