The Dog in the Washer

Do you remember the time you and your little brother put Bob the Dog in the washing machine? Mom showed up just in time to save him. You two faced the Maternal Inquisition. The first thing you did was proclaim the other was guilty. “He started it./Did not./Did too./Not./Too.” “STOP IT!” she hollered. ” I don’t CARE who started it. You are … Read More


I want to talk about a pressing issue: the pressure of Syrian bodies against the fence of Hungary. I am appalled and angry that  we who live in comfort simply tsk-tsk over those fleeing for their lives. After WWII, there were seven million displaced persons: people from concentration camps, Europeans who fled bombed homes, former soldiers, freed POW’s, all just … Read More

Bullies Big and Small

No one likes a bully. They are trying to cover up their insecurities at the expense of others. When I first started writing, I made it a point to read NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and the like. Why? I wanted to post comments to get my name better known. My comments were thoughtful and polite — and carried … Read More