What Would George Do?

George Washington was born 285 years ago today. He was the guy who “couldn’t tell a lie.” I wonder what he would make of our 45th President. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to succeed. IMHO, he’s losing the American people. And that is lethal to a Presidency. Want some omens? Kellyanne Conway will no longer be … Read More

Get Out the 25th Amendment

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wanted him to have a chance. I thought his campaign shenanigans would give way to a more sober form of flamboyance, one that we could live with. I was wrong. The man is delusional. He is flirting with incapacity. He has me reading the 25th Amendment. This is not funny, people, This is … Read More

Of Snits — and Silos

Everyone’s in a Snit. Some are in a Snit because Trump’s in. Others are in a Snit because of The Women’s March. Many are in the The Worst Snit: “Echo my beliefs or you don’t exist.” Echo Snitters demand agreement. It’s their way or the highway; it’s a dangerous view for anyone, from a politician to a family member. Why? Civil … Read More

We’ve Elected PT Barnum POTUS?!?

It seems to me that we’ve elected P.T. Barnum as president … just when the circus is going out of business. The man who said, “There’s a sucker born very minute,” and “Every crowd has a silver lining,” has a spiritual heir. Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday. A showman pitching glitter and flash has made it to the … Read More

Our National Tantrum

I had hoped things would mellow a bit now that the Inauguration is at hand. If anything it’s worse. People are absolutely hysterical. We’re having a national tantrum. Someone opined that network television brought us together while streaming television tears us apart. We can all be fed only what we want to eat. There is no longer a three-channel mold … Read More

Predictions: 2017

Good riddance to 2016. Unless you were a Cubs fan, it ranks as one of the rankest years in history. Here’s what I see for 2017 in my crystal ball. I just report what the crystal ball shows. Donald Trump will be sworn in on January 20th. He’ll deliver his speech via Twitter. During Trump’s Inauguration, the crowds on the … Read More

We, the people, did WHAT?

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that we elected Hillary and Donald, as pictured above. I awoke in a panicky sweat. Then I realized an even worse horror. We, the people, all 315 million of us, endured the primaries and the best we could cough up were Donald and Hillary? We have been such morons! These are the … Read More

Oh For The Love of God Donald, Just Shut Up

I’ve been known to put my foot in my mouth and chew on it …occasionally. But Donald, at the rate you’re going, I’m surprised you’re even standing. You should have gnawed off both your legs by now. Let me give you some very good advice, Donald. It will help you a lot. Just. Shut. Up. No ad libs. No tweeting. … Read More

Night One: Patton’s Apprentice and “Ex-Commie Barbie”

Donald Trump emerged from his Apprentice silhouette to introduce his wife Melania at the RNC.  (I personally believe his backlit appearance was an homage to the movie Patton.) Then Melania catwalked onto the stage in stilettos and modest, but sexy white dress. This woman could rock a muumuu. Guys, you can put your eyeballs back in their sockets. Melania Trump … Read More

Donald Trump and His Running Mate?

Okay. It’s going to be Donald Trump. He will learn to tone down his bluster, his wife will put on some clothes and soon, all the talk will be of a Running Mate. It won’t be Chris Christie, as he can’t add to the ticket demographically. He also isn’t up to running at all. Hopefully, it will be someone who … Read More