Make My Day, Groundhog

It’s Groundhog’s Day and boy did I see my shadow! What? It’s getting bigger every year? Say that again and I’ll take you out. I’m getting bigger every year because I keep going on diets. Then I fall off the wagon and wallow around in the mud … chocolate mud. Then I get mad … automatic weapons mad. Inside this … Read More

The Every Other Day Diet

Last week, I lamented my resemblance to the Michelin Man. Then NBC Nightly News did a piece on the Every Other Day Diet. Its premise is simple. “Fast” one day, then eat as you please the next. No taboo foods. One woman lost 100 pounds in a year … with physician supervision. Could I do that?  I can only stay … Read More

Oh, No! Halloween Candy’s in the Stores!

It’s not even October, and stores have huge bins of Halloween candy right in front of you. There is no way that kids could eat all the Halloween candy that is sold. We’d have kids exploding from all that chocolate. Our nation has a dirty little secret: the grown ups are eating the Halloween candy. Deprived as children, we are … Read More