The Accidental President

The Accidental President Trilogy: A Political Fable for Our Time is called that for a reason. In fables impossible things happen: animals talk, people transform into other creatures, but all in service of a truth.  To visualize my books, think: Alice in Wonderland meets The West Wing. Imagine what a smart, non-political woman would do if dropped into the job of Senator, then President of the United States.

So welcome to a fast read that will keep you turning pages. Maybe you’ll come away with non-partisan solutions to our broken political system in Washington.  No matter what your political leanings, from Tea Party to no party, an Occupier, a Democrat, a Libertarian, — even a librarian —  Independent or a Republican, there are powerful truths in these books.


A Note From Dixie

Since I was raised on books that began “Once upon a time…” and ended “happily ever after,” I felt that story-telling was a perfect vehicle for today’s politics, which reads like (bad) fiction anyway. It’s no wonder I chose a fable as a way of speaking out on political change.

I’ve worked in politics and in television, but most of my career was in pediatrics. I know it is a weird mix, but it makes for a novel with unusual insights.

I hope you’ll laugh, cry, shout out loud, but most of all, I hope you’ll want Abby’s dreams to come true for all of us. Indeed they can. If you are tired of the lobby for any 1% ruining what is good for the 99%, these books will give you a road map for change.

And don’t listen to the cynics who say it cannot be done.  Whatever 300 million of us want, we CAN have. Any country that put men on the moon can add a few hundred words to the Constitution. After all there are 99 of us for every one in the 1% club. And everyone gets only one vote.

So read, enjoy, and consider the changes we can make.  These novels are the first step in a journey to change what is broken in politics. Remember, the Constitution begins with “We, the People…” not “We, the Politicians.”

Will I lead the charge to change things? No. This is simply the first story I’ve chosen to tell. I will be following up with more books on other topics. In the mean time, I hope people will take my ideas and run with them.

We cannot fix our problems with the Constitution we have now. It is time to bring our beloved 18th Century Constitution into the 21st Century.

If right and left continue to pull in opposite directions, we can never move forward. Without serious forward movement on our most pressing problems, we are doomed. As a writer, I’ve created what I hope are entertaining novels to show the way forward for right and left …  together.


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