The Knee-Jerk “No”

If there’s anything that ticks me off, it’s the idea of the knee-jerk “no.” You tell someone a plane flew into the World trade Center, they say, “No.” Only when the second hits, doe we pay attention. You tell people we can change this country, they say “No, the powers that be would stop it.” Not so swift there, Ms. Naysayer. Stop with the dismissals and explore the “how?”

Start talking up the Amendments among your friends. They’re non-partisan, good government and not political. One can talk about something other than the weather and traffic at a dinner table. We desperately need a civil dialog in this country about our future – or we won’t have one. Whatever all three hundred million of us want, we can have, damned the 1% and their money.

Who knows, you might even see your tax bill go down. Did you know that a million dollars (chump change to the feds) is the after-tax net income of the median household – for an entire working life? How dare the government waste an entire family’s life’s work to get some pork barrel through Congress. Save a few hundred million of those through the line item veto, and the feds could stop digging into your pocket so deeply.