I read “The Accidental Senator” AND “The Accidental President” while I was on tour this summer and absolutely got addicted. I had everyone in the bus listening to me read out loud and get “enlightened” every time I came across one of Dixie’s novel ideas. If only the government could read along and take some notes… I can’t wait to see how the story ends!

Adley Stump – Singer/Songwriter from The Voice


Dixie Swanson imagines the snake pit of insider  politics with savvy, snap and uncommon freshness.  Despite their eerie familiarity, her characters feel very real. We might have met them before in the scarlet skirt and scarlet tie of power gone rogue.

You had me at the root beer float…

With intellect, creativity and commitment, Abby assumes the U.S. Senate seat of her recently deceased sister, Priscilla Logan. Swanson’s erudition shows in her grasp of constitutional law, medical practice, media technology and art history. She skillfully weave the details that solve the challenges of such a transition.  As Abby learns how to dress and present herself manage a staff and performs or the media, she gradually assumes her position as a Senator.  The book becomes entirely plausible given Abby’s character and gifts. She has had her share of tragedy but has unusual resilience due to her strong and loving blended American family.  If you have ever daydreamed about what a woman of compassion and common sense could accomplish, Abigail Adams will inspire you.


A chick book that guys will like…  I can’t wait to know more about this woman.

Sonny D., Maine


If we can put a man on the moon, we can do the Adams Five. Let’s do it.
S.B., AZ


You go, Abby. ‘Bout time someone put this country back on the right track.


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll rise to up make this happen!!!
D.H. Santa Fe


A Kick-Ass Heroine. D.C. needs more Abigails!!!
NL, D.C.


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