We’ve Elected PT Barnum POTUS?!?

It seems to me that we’ve elected P.T. Barnum as president … just when the circus is going out of business. The man who said, “There’s a sucker born very minute,” and “Every crowd has a silver lining,” has a spiritual heir. Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday.

A showman pitching glitter and flash has made it to the Oval Office. No substance is allowed around this Ringmaster. If you show the truth, the tent pole falls down.

Oops? You say the tent IS falling down? Yep, the circus is closing this May. The elephants have gone, so why did we elect the Ultimate Ringmaster, a carnie adept at shell games? Will he run a circus — one where reporters scurry and comics dare not make fun of him? Or will he capably administer the Executive Branch according to the principles of Article II of the Constitution?

If you listen to an increasing chorus of voices, we didn’t really elect Trump. It was all smoke and mirrors. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta isn’t the only person who thinks he is illegitimate. The chorus is growing.

Even the elephants aren’t impressed. Elephants are magnificent animals with complex social structures. In my mother’s day, they were terrorized into submission by eye hooks. I’d behave too if you threatened to pull out my eyeball. Those times have gone; the elephants are free. It’s a wonder they didn’t trample the Ringmaster on the way out. I’m sure they plotted it. Mainstream Republicans want their party back; they’re just too scared to speak up.

“Lions and tigers” are a circus construct, “tamed” with a whip and a chair. In the real world, lions live in Africa, tigers in India. We only thought they co-existed. Kind of like Congress, which does not respond to either a chair or a whip. They like manners. They work under Article I, as they are won’t to point out. POTUS is in Article II.

“Siamese” twins have left he “Freak Show” and gone to the operating room. They’re now just kids who were once conjoined. The Ringmaster loves to put down people who aren’t like him: war heroes, people who’ve overcome disabilities, Gold Star parents. He’s now bashing Rep. Lewis who got a fractured skull just standing up for civil rights. Motherhood and apple pie are the next targets.

In any event, the “Greatest Show on Earth” will now be reduced to the “Orange Man with a Post-Modern Mullet.” The suit and tie below? Just a costume to distract us from the Carnival Barker he is at heart.

Grab your wallet, people. You know the rules on The Midway. Nothing is what it seems. The games are all rigged. The bowling pins, weighted at the bottom, don’t fall over. The guns don’t shoot straight. And the elections are hacked. Step right up. Take a chance on a bankrupt casino.

The circus has downsized to one man. In your heart, you know it’s true. It would make a great show … if only it weren’t real life. Don’t get me wrong. I want him to do well. I just can’t see how that will happen.

Not with a person who thinks we’re all suckers.